Lead Generation Missteps: Stopping Might Be the Best Strategy

“The essence of strategy is choosing what NOT to do.” – Michael Porter, Harvard Business School Professor Who doesn’t want to fill their pipeline with great prospective clients? No advisor I ever met. And the number of ways to fill that pipeline – your lead generation activities – are many! All of them can work…in the right situation....

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Driver or Drawback? Your Mindset Matters

What you think matters. Your mindset becomes a driver or drawback to everything in your life, career, and business. Your mindset impacts: The life you lead – short- and long-term. Career and business satisfaction and success level. The obstacles you encounter. The goals achieved, or missed. The people who are drawn to you. The career and business...

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Discount Dilemmas: How to Stand Firm on Your Fee

Have you ever tried to buy something with a verbal promise? Or deposit a compliment in your personal or business bank account? Of course not! You would be laughed at! Yet, that’s what can happen when discussing fees for service with prospective clients. Never Accept This Payment: Promises Won’t Pay Your Bills True story: An advisor in NJ...

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True Confessions Aren’t Over…Embracing the Tough Stuff

Well, I thought the message about my meltdown in February, regarding the panic over the deadline for submitting Conversations That Sell for Financial Advisors, was the unveiling of my personal insights and vulnerability. It seems there is more… This week, after spending several days with many people at the Shift! Conference, I realized that...

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How to Get More Clients: Stretch Your Belief

What is the impact of your beliefs on your ability and commitment to attract and convert your ideal prospects? What’s the impact of the belief of yourself, the role you have in people’s lives, and the value they receive in working with you? It’s huge! Your belief is a major factor in the energy, effort, and activity that you put forth in the lead...

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The Impact of Impact in Your Sales Conversations

Impact. It’s the missing ingredient for many sales conversations and conversions. Impact is the consequence of what is going on with your prospective client, and the consequence of what will happen if they use your service and work with you. Why is impact important? Because without discussing impact, we’re missing the key motivator and the...

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Stop the Small Talk; Make it Smart Talk

“How are you today?” “Sorry to hear about the Packer’s loss last weekend, what was your highlight of the season?” “How has your day been so far in the new location?” “How are the kids?” What do you think about those questions? Maybe you’re thinking, “Oh, the dreaded small talk!” Well, “small talk” is only small if you make it so. You see, each of...

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3 Strategies for Follow-Up With Stalled Prospects

Ahhh, the excitement of a prospective client sales conversation: Finally, someone is interested in you and your services! And it seemed to go well. They were even smiling at the end of the conversation. Then…(crickets chirping)… Now what? You don’t want to appear desperate, aggressive, or too “salesy” after all. How can you follow-up and be there...

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