The Offer You Must Make TODAY to Work with More Clients TOMORROW

Do you have capacity to help more people? Most advisors do. Yet they get stuck in the “How do I get in front of more people?” conundrum. The good news is that TODAY is a fantastic opportunity to add more value to existing relationships so you can start new relationships. Similar to the beginning of the pandemic, the recent proposed tax law...

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Are You Guilty of “Distracted Selling”?

Has This Ever Happened to You? Have you ever had a conversation scheduled with someone and yet you were distracted by something right up until the time of the meeting? Maybe something was happening on your phone or in your office. Maybe there was a television screen in the background that kept capturing your attention. That distraction is a...

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Memorializing Our Heroes

A holiday weekend is ahead…and I often forget it’s not about weekend barbeques or the “official” start of summer in the Midwest… nope, it’s about our freedom. And while many of us aren’t feeling very free during our times of COVID, we are free in the ways that really matter. I wrote a post in 2009 about Memorial Day. Never could I have known what...

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What’s Your Mindset Around Virtual Selling?

Here’s a number to pay attention to… It’s estimated that 90% of sales conversations are happening virtually these days and that though skepticism remains, many people, more than 50% believe that this mode of selling is as effective as our old practices. Interesting isn’t it? That though many people have been thrust into a virtual selling...

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Ditch the Pitch to Stop Prospects from Running

What’s your pitch? Or what’s your sales pitch? Those questions give me the heebie jeebies. Why? Because if we’re not on Shark Tank, they’re typically not asked from someone who is really interested in what we’re offering… Premature Pitches Are a Waste of Time I’ve long proposed we need to ditch the pitch because pitching...

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Make the Right Call Now to Win Business Later

Have you heard the saying, “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care?” Now is the time that we should be keeping that mantra in mind as we proactively use these next weeks to reach out to people and set the stage for helping them, strengthening our relationship with them, building trust, and earning the right for...

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