The Lead Gen Tip Nobody Wants to Hear

Imagine this scenario: A prospective clients contacts you and asks if you’ll start investing their money without providing any context into their larger financial situation, their goals, or any other discussion. Would you do it? Most financial advisors wouldn’t. They would explain to this person that before leading any investments, they first...

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Why Your Clients Think with Their Feelings and What to Do About It

What factor do you think is most important when your prospects make decisions—emotions or facts? Well, the research is clear. When all considerations are similar, not equal but similar, emotions win out as the most important criteria for making a decision. This may be a surprise as many people insist that they make decisions based on facts. Yet...

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Now is the Perfect Time to Take Imperfect Actions

Warning! The content of this message may be offensive to the perfectionists and OCD folks. Do you want to complicate growing your business, or book of business? If so, strive for perfection! What? Yes…a strive for perfection and getting “everything right” will get in the WAY of having the clients you enjoy working with, achieving a profitable...

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The Only Sales Tip Financial Advisors Really Need

Don’t you wish there were a big red “Easy” button that would make all your selling efforts more efficient and productive? Well, there is! All your prospect meetings will be easier when you adjust your mindset to focus on the things that really matter to THEM! Your Easy Button Is: “What’s in it for Them?” Instead of “Easy”...

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With Gratitude…

This time of year is a highlight for me. Everyone pauses for a bit to be grateful. To be thankful. To show appreciation. Every year I think, “With everything going on, THIS is the year I am most thankful.” But then I feel even more grateful the next year! The entire Sales Pro Insider team is thankful for our time with you and your attention in...

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