Well, I thought the message about my meltdown in February, regarding the panic over the deadline for submitting Conversations That Sell for Financial Advisors, was the unveiling of my personal insights and vulnerability.

It seems there is more…

This week, after spending several days with many people at the Shift! Conference, I realized that “personal truth” was just the tip of the iceberg on my changes and learning in the past year.

Conversations with #justincastelli #KristyPuckett and #jennifergoldman showed me that deep chats and life “stuff” does not HAVE to be kept out of business events. In fact, those conversations made the event more meaningful, impactful, and memorable.

Thanks to Justin for sharing that many people follow career and life paths that don’t “fit” – their soul, capabilities, and interests. And that when we finally can admit that truth, it is transformational!

You see, this past year was a big personal transition time for me.

Not only did I end a decades-long marriage…

  • I made a solo 5-week road trip in the US and Canada.
  • I embraced and reclaimed my birth name… Nancy Noël – bright light!
  • I faced my fear of writing another book and the process that comes with it.
  • I made staffing changes.
  • I adjusted how I spent my time.
  • I said no to misfit clients and opportunities.
  • I asked to be compensated at the level of the value I bring…

And I’m stronger for it all! People tell me I look lighter, happier, and younger! Wow.

Embracing the Tough Stuff

The tough stuff doesn’t have to crush our soul, body, or reputation.

Tough situations aren’t new to me of course. In living life…life happens! From an alcoholic birth home, health challenges, a serious accident, CRAZY business situations as a young woman in the financial services industry, a misfit marriage, and general challenges as a business owner, I’ve lived tough stuff!

Working through these situations and bouncing back—and higher—each time has toughened me…and softened me.

I’ve embraced this new state of life, my renewed name, and the possibilities to continue to serve those I respect and love at work. And now use those same caring qualities for myself at home.

As I look at the next 12 months, I have challenges ahead, and so many freaking opportunities!

  • A 6-week trip to Italy is coming in just weeks. Solo for the first month.
  • Launching a new book whose time has more than come as more of the business world “gets” that human first is the way to do business. Seriously, I’ve been talking about collaborative conversations for nearly 20 years at this point and seemed to be in a small minority, but not anymore.
  • Upleveling all my training.
  • Creating more resources for financial advisors for their selling efforts.
  • I’m forging new business relationships.
  • I’m embracing more risk – what is there really to lose?

Getting Real at Work

As I finish this note, I remembered that when Conversations That Sell was published in 2013, I had wanted it to be called “Get Real, Win Sales.”

The publisher disapproved.

I also think I wasn’t ready to be as “real” at that time either.

So, while Conversations That Sell for Financial Advisors is the official title of the upcoming book, maybe the tag line should be “Get real and win.”

What do you think?


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