Skill and Will

Let’s simplify the complex world of your people.

Your team members are complex people. How they show up and operate at work is based on many variables.

When you understand these variables, their Skill and Will, and make the effort to coach them to strengthen both Skill and Will, their:

  • performance escalates
  • confidence increases
  • ability to be a productive team member is stronger
  • and…YOUR life at work is easier

Using strategies to develop Skill and Will, allows you to:

Build Performance, Profits and Your People

Each interaction between you, the manager and an each associate is an opportunity to build, break or leave that associate the same.

The Genuine Coaching course builds awareness and skills needed to coach individuals (called coachees) to higher levels of performance. The course also reinforces the process of Genuine Sales.

The specific skills developed include:

  • Preparing for and conducting consistent, and effective coaching conversations
  • Adapting communication to the “type” of the coachee
  • Personalizing the timing and action planning for each coachee
  • Goal setting for self
Course Specifics:
The course consists of 8 sessions, including the initial Workshop and 7 Reinforcer sessions.

The initial workshop is presented in one day with participants working individually and in small groups. The workshop is highly interactive and each participant will participate in hands-on coaching of a co-participant, as well as have an individual coaching discussion for themselves. These are not role-plays – these are ‘real coaching’ conversations for each other.

Participants are given the foundation for the course in this Workshop.

  • The WIIFT™ Coaching System – Wait, Initiate, Investigate, Facilitate and Then Consolidate
  • Assessing their coaching skills with the Coaching Survey
  • Discovering the effect of Performance Paradigms
  • Communicating Expectations
  • Adapting and building different types of people – Tribal Types
The Reinforcer sessions are presented bi-weekly in 90-minute Reinforcer teleconferences.

Further application and development of success habits is developed during these sessions as the Directors coach their people during the week and then process and review results with the facilitator and group. The long-term results and learning occur during this reinforcing process.

The specific topics for the Reinforcers are:

  1. Unplanned Coaching Opportunities
  2. Using Paradigms for Better Coaching
  3. Finding the Unique
  4. Tough Coaching Scenarios
  1. Advanced Coaching Techniques
  2. Your Legacy and Commencement
  3. Checking In – After a 4-6 week interval
Managers are more confident and competent in coaching and engaging each individual to their highest potential. More engaged associates leads to increased retention, a more effective team, and higher productivity.
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