Are You Blocking Your Own Success?

What a question. A very brave question to ask yourself. And here’s a few more questions to reflect on: What’s in the way of you having the level of success that you want? What stands in the way of you working with the people who you want to serve? What stands in the way of you earning the income necessary for yourself and your family?...

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Stop Prospect Confusion and Overwhelm to Convert More

Confused and overwhelmed prospects don’t make decisions. Prospects won’t take the next step or make any commitments when they aren’t clear on what matters most. Instead, they stall, hide, and avoid you whenever they can. That’s why we must do everything we can to make sure our prospects aren’t confused or overwhelmed. Confused Buyers...

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Want Faster Conversions? Include All Prospects Early and Often

Virtual prospect meetings became mainstream in 2020 because we didn’t have a choice. Yet, while they were forced, there seemed to be a “magic” to these virtual sales meetings because we no longer had to travel, only had to focus on our appearance from the waist up, and could work with anyone anywhere! That’s why virtual meetings stuck....

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Quarterback or Navigator: Best Analogy for Financial Advisors?

Since moving from Wisconsin to southern Florida, I have had the privilege of watching many rockets launch from my patio. As I searched the sky at 4:30 a.m., it struck me that I never know what part of the sky to watch because each time they head off in different directions. And while we are enthralled with the launch, those rockets have a...

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Premature Proposals Promote Passive Prospects

While the title is a tongue twister…it’s also so true! Premature anything in our selling efforts is a BAD practice. Unfortunately, passive prospects who stall, stop answering messages, reschedule…and then reschedule again, are the output of prematurely “sending something” after what appeared to be good conversations. Why Do Advisors Send...

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