Are You Guilty of “Distracted Selling”?

Has This Ever Happened to You? Have you ever had a conversation scheduled with someone and yet you were distracted by something right up until the time of the meeting? Maybe something was happening on your phone or in your office. Maybe there was a television screen in the background that kept capturing your attention. That distraction is a...

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Join Us Tuesday, June 29th to Blast Your Sales Growth Goals Away

  Figuring out what to do for sourcing and converting new clients can feel a little like taking shots in the dark, can’t it? It doesn’t have to. Executing a strategic approach hits the target faster than a shotgun blast. That’s the subject of our free monthly workshop (virtual of course) on Tuesday, June 29th at 2:00 p.m. Central. Strategy...

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Join Us Thursday, May 20th for Virtual Conversations That Sell

Buyers and sellers alike are finding the virtual format for communication is here to stay. Are you making the most of this mode of communication? That’s the subject of our free monthly workshop (virtual of course) on Thursday, May 20th at 11:00 a.m. Central. Virtual Conversations That Sell In this 30-minute workshop, I’ll cover: 3 actions...

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When Prospects “Get” Your Value, You Get the Sale

We offer 30 minutes of free coaching focused on a specific sales situation of the person’s choice, which we call Sales Strategy Conversations. And in the last 20 of these Sales Strategy Conversations that I’ve had, 13 of them have focused on how to help prospects get the value of what the seller is offering and how to help that prospect...

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Join Us Thursday, February 18th to learn how to Make it Easy for Prospects to “Get It” with the Right Connection

Guiding your prospects through the conversation to get them to say “Yes!” confidently and quickly can be tricky. That’s why it’s so crucial to make it easy for them to see the value of your solution. I’ll share how to accomplish that “ease” in this month’s free, virtual workshop on Thursday, February 18th at 10:00 a.m. Central: Make...

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Unlock the Power of Your Mind-to-Mouth Connection

What you believe, you can achieve. What a powerful quote by Mary Kay Ash. And yet we need to check our beliefs – our mindset – and how that mindset comes out of our mouth. I call that the mind and mouth connection. Inspiration or Barrier? While this is an inspirational quote, our beliefs can also be the barrier if we’re not careful about what we...

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