October 2019

Virtual Genuine Sales Course
This 11 week course is so powerful that 99% of participants make back the investment in themselves before the end of the course.
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June 2019

Uncover the Silent Killer to Revenue Growth for Financial Services: “Smarketing!”
What if your biggest issue in generating more new business wasn’t marketing or sales, but marketing AND sales? It’s what is referred to as a crazy sounding term: SMARKETING.
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April 2019

Workshop Replay – Demystifying Sales: How to Make the Sales Conversation Comfortable for Everyone Involved
Learn how you can earn trust, show your expertise, earn the right to keep the conversation going, and convert prospects to clients.
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February 2019

Workshop Replay – Fix the 3 Biggest Sales Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making
You’re starting a conversation with a prospective buyer or client with just moments to set the stage for a productive information exchange. How do you ensure these first moments set the right tone, gains their attention, establishes your credibility, and most importantly earn you the right to move forward?
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Past Events

Older workshops are available exclusively to past and present participants of the Genuine Sales course who are members of our monthly Genuine Sellers Coaching Group program.

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Free Training Workshops

Workshop Replay – The Art to the Start of Sales Conversations
You’re starting a conversation with a prospective buyer or client with just moments to earn the right to continue. How do you ensure these first moments set the right tone, gains their attention, and establishes your credibility?
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Workshop Replay – Don’t Wing It! Win Clients with Conversations that Convert
Learn how you can quickly and easily use a collaborative conversation to convert more of your hard-earned leads to clients.
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Workshop Replay – Crank Up Your Close Rate: Increase sales conversions with 3 simple but powerful steps
With the information I’ll share in this month’s powerful, and FREE, virtual workshop you can increase your conversion rate, close more business, and win more clients. The best part is that you don’t have to be an aggressive “closer” to do so!
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Workshop Replay – Fix the 3 Biggest Sales Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making
Set yourself up for a big win and address the frustrations and obstacles that hold back your confidence and results.
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Workshop Replay – Get Ready, Take Aim, and Really Achieve Your Goals
Goal setting is a key factor in top performance in any discipline. The problem is that SO much emphasis is put on setting the goals at the beginning of the year and not enough focus or action to actually achieve the goals the rest of the year.
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Workshop Replay – How You Can Earn a Buyer’s Trust (and their business)

Are you working hard but still feel disappointed with the results? Are you frustrated that more people aren’t becoming clients? Are you confused about what you should really be doing to make your business grow? Do you feel like there must be an easier way?
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Workshop Replay – How to Easily Help Clients “Get” What You Sell

If prospects can’t easily identify how valuable your solution is for THEM, you’ve lost them… and the sale.

Your buyers don’t have the mental bandwidth or time to figure out what YOU offer means to them. They need you to make the connection to confidently make a decision to use your services or your product.

HOW you describe WHAT you offer is so important to converting those expensive leads and why we’re sharing this FREE and virtual training workshop:
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Workshop Replay – How to Speak Your Buyer’s “Language” to Convert More Leads
Conversations with buyers convert leads to clients easily when you focus on the information exchange needed to gain confident decisions…
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Workshop Replay – How Value Easily Converts More Leads
If prospects can’t easily identify how valuable your solution is for THEM, you’ve lost them… and the sale.
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Workshop Replay – Save Your Sale: Stop, Drop, and Roll Your Way Through Objections
Why does it seem that all our hard work in a sales opportunity disappears when the buyer has an objection? Why do we become tongue tied, start stammering, or worse defensive? We can stop these patterns with a simple strategy that will Save Your Sale.
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Workshop Replay – The Secret to Closing Sales is Conversations and Collaboration
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Workshop Replay – The Success Drivers That Lead to Growth…or Failure
As a business owner or leader, you strive to define and achieve the company goals and objectives. Yet, is your drive enough to pull the whole company through?
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Workshop Replay – Win Clients with Conversations that Convert
It’s so easy to launch into a meeting with a prospect hoping to help them see the value of what you offer, and realize you aren’t connecting and they aren’t seeing the value. Or worse, they seem agreeable and then don’t respond to follow-up messages. Change the dynamic and the result with the powerful information in this free and virtual training workshop. I’ll share an easy-to-implement approach for collaborative conversations that create a winning dynamic for you and them.
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Podcast – Financial Advisor Success – Learning A More Genuine Sales Conversation Approach To Better Turn Prospects Into Clients

In this episode, we talk in depth about Nancy’s WIIFT structure to the sales conversation, which is both focusing on the “what’s in it for them” of the WIIFT acronym, but also a five-step conversation process of wait and prepare, initiate, investigate, facilitate, then consolidate.
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Podcast – Rooted in Revenue – You can have a lot of tools, but it’s up to you to implement them.

In this short podcast, Nancy discusses how to boost revenue with Susan Finch. One simple action can make a big difference in your closing rate.
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Stephen Woessner: Onward Nation – Do Something Uncomfortable

  • Looking at sales as simply helping others through the decision making process
  • The need for more technical sales training in multiple business fields
  • How to overcome overwhelming and scary feelings about being a salesperson

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Jaime Jay: Stop Riding The Pine – How to Communicate Effectively in the Modern Age of Technology
People have become so reliant on technology that they’ve forgotten how to have a conversation. Nancy Bleeke focuses on 3 conversations businesses need to excel in, the sales conversation, the customer service conversation and the coaching conversation.
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Andy Paul: Accelerate – Sales Behaviors That Make It Easier To Engage with Buyers
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Mike Saunders, MBA: Business Innovators Radio Network
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BrightTalk – Sales Coaching 101: Trends, Tips and Best Practices from Today’s Top Sellers
Effective coaching can transform sales.

Coaching has become a hot topic in the sales world as more organizations realize that an effective coach can be the most significant factor in a salesperson’s ability to achieve their quota goals.
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Jonathan Farrington: Top Sales World Academy – Collaborating Working Through Objections
In this webinar, sales author, speaker and trainer extraordinaire, Nancy Bleeke shares the SDR technique to keep you “out of the fire” when objections rear their ugly head.

You’ll hear how we can train ourselves to bypass the typical reactions and engage our mind before mouths…saving the sale and growing your business.
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Brian Burns: Brutal Truth – Planning a Conversation that will Sell
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John Holden: Sales Pop! – Sales Conversations Secrets!
Today the seller-buyer relationship has radically changed. In days of old, the seller mostly talked, the buyer mostly listened. With the advent of the web, buyers are far more informed, and a seller must go the extra mile to fully understand buyer issues. This is done through conversation–through the seller asking the right questions, and really listening to the buyer’s answers.
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Kwame Christian: American Negotiation Institute – Confidence in the Face of Objections
Learn the secrets of collaboratively working through objections with author and sales expert Nancy Bleeke.
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Andy Paul: Accelerate – Conversations That Sell: A Collaborative Approach to Sales That Wins
In this episode, Nancy Bleeke, President of Sales Pro Insider, and author of Conversations That Sell, discusses why it’s essential for sales reps to embrace a collaborative approach to selling. In this episode we discuss how to make that happen and other topics.
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