Why Genuine Sales®?

Who made a proud declaration in kindergarten that their career aspiration was to be in sales? Not many.

Instead, you may have found a career (company) where you honed skills, experience, and hopefully a passion for what you do.

Then, at some point, you realized that without sales, businesses don’t succeed. And you need to “sell” if you want to succeed.

Yuck. Now what? Do I:

  • Have to learn how to manipulate and coerce others to buy what I offer?
  • Need to “sell my soul” to play the game?
  • Need to hit up all my friends and family?
  • Become “the” guy or woman at events who must command center stage?

Nope! When you equip yourself with the right skills and mindset to collaborate with your prospective buyers, genuine value is created.

How? By guiding your hard-earned prospect to sort through all of the information they have in their head, online, and on paper and focus on what’s most important. And this is what helps them make a confident decision or take an action that is in THEIR best interest (to work with you).

And that’s just what we will do with you… build the mindset and skillset to align yourself with your prospects (whether it’s you directly or your team) to use conversations that guide the buyer to confident decisions and actions.

Typical training won’t do this for you. Seriously…Who becomes significantly better equipped in selling efforts by reading books, watching YouTube videos, and listening to podcasts alone?

What works is a proven process that allows you to learn, practice, and develop habits to succeed in ethical and genuine selling best practices.

Genuine Sales® is that proven process. Through the Genuine Sales® course you’ll learn a systematic approach and how-to’s for:

  • Leading a productive sales conversation that is genuinely value-filled from the start
  • Working through objections, concerns, and challenging questions from prospects without strong-arm tactics or manipulation
  • Asking for the decision – at the right time with ready buyers – without being “salesy”
  • Maximizing the minutes of your preparation for best outcomes for you and Them

Genuine Sales® has allowed many reluctant business professionals and seasoned sellers alike to build stronger communication skills that lead to more sales…and clients.

Want to learn more?

Let’s have a conversation to review your situation and whether Genuine Sales® is a good fit.

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Why Genuine Sales® Works So Well for Service Professionals

The entire approach, system, and tools focuses on one key tenant:

What’s in it for Them?

That’s the question that every seller – and business – should be asking themselves. What’s in it for this buyer? What’s in it for this prospect? What’s in it for our customers?

What’s in it for Them is a mindset…and a mission. It’s what drives collaboration and value to the buyer… and ultimately the seller and company.

If your buyers were direct they would tell you that they want you to make buying your solution easy.

They would tell you that they don’t want MORE information and useless chatter – they want sales professionals to address their problems, opportunities, wants, and needs efficiently and collaboratively.

And yet most sellers aren’t sure how to make it about Them or how to collaborate. They are trained to share information on their product, service, company, and, let’s face it – on themselves!

Product information dumps don’t work well… sellers need to cut through the extraneous detail and hype and focus their conversations on the relevant information for that buyer and situation.

Jonathan Grannick
Wonder Wealth LLC

Pam Horack, CFP®
Pathfinder Planning

A Win-Win Approach Isn’t Enough

Today’s complex economic environment means that win-win outcomes aren’t enough. There are more stakeholders that need to win.

The goal for long-term success is to achieve a win-win-win, a triple win (the win-cubed) or Win3 TM – where the customer, your company, and seller all win time and time again.

What You Can Expect from Genuine Sales®

Long-term sales success habits and more closed sales is what you can expect. Sellers learn how to quickly work buyers through a collaborative, genuine, efficient, and effective sales process conversation by conversation.

Specific results you can expect from Genuine Sales®:

  • A high-performance sales culture
  • Increased sales and revenue of 5-25% in just 8-12 weeks
  • Faster conversion of hard-earned leads
  • Improved close ratios
  • Reduced fear of prospecting
  • Sales goals consistently met
  • Improved customer relations and customer loyalty
  • More organic referrals

Shawn Tydlask, CFP®
Ballast Point Financial Planning

How Does Genuine Sales® Do This?

By strengthening the competence and confidence factors with action focused tips, techniques, and tools!

Our training “sticks” to provide you a long-term ROI. Though most training “events” push a lot of information – impact is reduced because 87% of their effectiveness is lost in the first 30 days.

We do it different.

Genuine Sales® begins with a Workshop that provides great information and tools to start action producing momentum.

Then accelerates the application and results over the next 7-10 weeks as sellers work their plan of action and collaborate with peers in weekly group sessions (teleconference or classroom) to reinforce the actions and drive accountability.

These “Reinforcers” move the information into repeatable action… and the sales results follow.

Genuine Sales® provides the system, tools, and process to changes behavior and build success habits.

Genuine Sales® is tested and proven across many industries and countries – 22 to date!

Genuine Sales® builds the competence – skills and habits – that make every sales conversation count.

The Genuine Sales course teaches sellers a systematic approach to their conversation. Skills for collaborative conversations are developed to:

  • Wait and prepare effectively for a relevant, productive conversation
  • Initiate a collaborative conversation that focuses on Them (the buyer) and sets clear objectives and a willing buyer
  • Investigate problems, opportunities, wants, and needs to discover and qualify the opportunity
  • Facilitate a collaborative matching of your solution to the buyer
  • Work through objections as a problem solver
  • Consolidate each conversation with a commitment to action or decision
  • Adapt a proven systematic framework for the conversation adapted to the buyer’s communication and customs (there is no one-size-fits all sales conversation)
Yet that isn’t enough to reach sales goals consistently, is it? They need more!

Genuine Sales® Training Builds the Confidence to Succeed in Sales

Genuine Sales® builds the confidence needed to succeed in today’s demanding selling environment.

Skills and competence are needed and are amplified when the confidence to act and proactively engage in as many sales conversations as possible are developed as well.

The Success Drivers are “what it takes” for long-term sales success.

By focusing on the competence (skills) and confidence (drivers) of selling success, Genuine Sales® produces long-lasting increases in sales, engagement, and ROI.

Scott Newhouse, CFP®
Forthright Finances

Genuine Sales® Tools

Everything for success is included:

  • The workbook that each seller will use to personalize the concepts into immediately executable actions
  • The Conversations That Sell book
  • Interactive sales tools for preparation of conversations, goal setting, and accountability that are easy to use online or in print

Our Genuine Sales® course is a comprehensive behavior-changing course that immerses your team in the right actions and habits to sell more. The learning process generates increased sales, profits, and performance.

Genuine Sales® is the complete sales training solution that ensures your sellers collaborate and make each sales conversation count!

Let’s have a conversation to review your situation and whether Genuine Sales® is a good fit.

If you’re looking for training for your team, learn more here.

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