Activate Your Team to Sell More

It’s an endless cycle of trying to get more from each person on your team, isn’t it? You can’t take a break from the sales push because of the demands and expectations from your board, stakeholders, team, and maybe even your spouse! So what can you do to activate your team to sell more? Activate them! Here are three easy...

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How Well is Your Team Equipped for the Sale After the Sale?

Oh, the highs and lows of your company growth. There’s nothing like the high after your sales team closes a big sale. After the deal is done, the papers are signed, and the deposit has been made; the celebration commences. Yeah for the sales team! But six months later, the client is questioning the decision, unhappy with implementation, and...

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Easy Fixes for the Top 3 Company Sales Challenges

Listen to any sales manager, business owner, or president of a small to mid-sized company and you’ll hear how they aren’t completely satisfied with their sales results. They often blame economic woes (after all it is an election year in the USA), not being able to find enough good people who are great at selling, or the...

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The 2016 Sales Must-Read Books: Build a Learning Culture

Staying mentally sharp and relevant is key to sales success. Buyers demand their sales reps be relevant, insightful, and valuable. As the leader, you set the stage. What information do you share with your team that positions them to bring extra value, challenges their thinking, and helps them be more skillful, work smarter, or open new doors?...

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Think You Have the Right Sales Rep? Read This First

As a leader, some of the most important decisions you make are  when selecting new sales reps to join your team. Think about the amount of time, money and energy it takes to add someone to your work family…. especially someone who will represent your company to potential buyers. The hours of training, explaining what and why your company...

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Leadership Lesson: Let Them Know They Matter

So much to learn as a leader from the Chobani Founder, Hamdi Ulukaya. Click on the image for the 2-minute video.   The best line from this report is: The money means a lot – but being appreciated means even more. What can you do today to make your people feel like they matter?     4 Success Drivers You Need to Know...and Grow...

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Shift Sales Culture to Reignite Business Growth

Recently a CEO said that he won’t place too much emphasis on sales goals this year because he can see where the market is headed. Instead they’ll focus on where to cut costs and adjust their manufacturing processes to be more efficient. Yes, a CEO said they will not put much emphasis on sales goals. Guess what? If he doesn’t emphasize sales,...

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