Staying mentally sharp and relevant is key to sales success. Buyers demand their sales reps be relevant, insightful, and valuable.

summer readingAs the leader, you set the stage. What information do you share with your team that positions them to bring extra value, challenges their thinking, and helps them be more skillful, work smarter, or open new doors?

Fascinating research reports that that only 25% of people over age 16 have read a book in the last year. Seems changing that within your team will differentiate you from the competition.

To help you lead your team more effectively, hire better performers, and sell more, we have the list of books for you!

Download your copy of the 2016 Summer Sales Reading List

Pick several for you and your sales team to read, debate, discuss, and learn from in the next 4 months. It’s a great time to pick up a good book in one hand, a cold drink in the other, and make the most of the long days of summer.


4 Success Drivers You Need to Know...and Grow


How do you strengthen this "Will" among your sales associates? How does the lack of drive impact your daily life? I discussed this and so much more on a recent virtual training event you can access below. It's valuable information for any business leader who needs to maximize performance of their people to grow their company.

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