The Art of Asking: How to Unlock Hidden Concerns and Objections

I object! It’s the climax of many TV courtroom dramas, and it’s often the turning point of the story. It surfaces the truth or redirects the focus to information that is helpful or relevant. Wouldn’t it be nice if during our prospective client conversations, they were also that open with their concerns, perceived challenges,...

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Think You’re Ready for Your Next Prospect Meeting? Watch This First

Have you noticed that converting referred prospects is easier than converting colder prospects? Well, of course! And why is that? Because they’re more ready to trust you and they know that other people trust you. And so, they move along faster to decision. Fortunately, you can help colder prospects, who come in from other sources, be more ready...

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Quarterback or Navigator: Best Analogy for Financial Advisors?

Since moving from Wisconsin to southern Florida, I have had the privilege of watching many rockets launch from my patio. As I searched the sky at 4:30 a.m., it struck me that I never know what part of the sky to watch because each time they head off in different directions. And while we are enthralled with the launch, those rockets have a...

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Premature Proposals Promote Passive Prospects

While the title is a tongue twister…it’s also so true! Premature anything in our selling efforts is a BAD practice. Unfortunately, passive prospects who stall, stop answering messages, reschedule…and then reschedule again, are the output of prematurely “sending something” after what appeared to be good conversations. Why Do Advisors Send...

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Don’t Let Bernie Madoff Keep YOU from Helping More Clients

Let’s talk about trust. Trust is an intangible, and crucially important, aspect of any buying and selling relationship. Why is it so important? Because trust is what allows a prospective client to feel comfortable moving forward in working with you. The Buyer and Seller in Financial Relationships If you’re in a financial service role, you...

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How to Feel Better about Prospect Follow-Up

What’s your mindset around follow-up efforts for reconnecting with prospects who have stopped responding? What about those who haven’t followed through on the actions that they said they would? Do you get into a mindset of negativity? Do you feel frustrated that you must keep chasing them? Annoyed that you’re the one who’s constantly...

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Easy Listening…Succeed Without Being Salesy

Creating content…friend or foe? For anyone focused on spreading a message, educating potential prospects, and wanting to build their brand, content is both! Sometimes it’s a chore. AND sometimes it’s exhilarating and reminds me why I make the time to share information, observations, and resources. I recently enjoyed my time as a guest on two...

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The Cure for Professional Loneliness

  You’ve probably never heard the term professional loneliness, but many of us have experienced it–and felt it. I define professional loneliness as not having someone “at the ready” at work. There isn’t someone to roll your office chair over to share an idea, question, or frustration. There isn’t someone to provide on-the-spot feedback. Or...

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Want to Be Better? It’s About Time…

What do you want to do differently? Do you want to: Create more outreach to new clients? Build better COI relationships? Update your CRM more regularly? Complete your follow up notes after meetings within 24 hours Do you want to be a better advisor? A better parent, spouse, or friend? The Power of Habits Doing those things differently means...

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