The “Simple” Complexities of Change

How much change are you expecting in your organization this year? Will there be changes in manufacturing processes, products, people, your customer base, or the business environment? Of course there will. Some of the changes may seem simple from the “top” yet can appear complex and overwhelming to the people in your organization who are producing...

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A Resolution All Leaders Should Embrace

A new year is upon us. It is a time when resolutions are often made and broken within the same week. The eyes and ears of our team members are watching with bated breath, hoping some of the resolutions that stick are about them. It’s also a time when we company leaders can find (free!) solid advice from the best of the best to identify and adopt...

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A Fresh New Year Start: Your Cause and Effect

The new year is here! And there’s no time like a fresh new year for taking a fresh look at our goals, actions, time, and energy and their effect on what is most important to us. As you are identifying (or reviewing) your goals, think about the plan to achieve the goal. While some say goal setting is an art and not a science, there is a scientific...

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A 5-Minute Pause to End the Year

In your final days of 2015, make the time for a 5-minute jumpstart to 2016. Ready? Take 5 minutes to note: Your biggest ‘win’ of the year. How can you build from it? Your biggest ‘loss’ and what you learned from it. Your biggest ‘wish’ for 2016 with two actions you will take in January to achieve it. Writing the responses is more powerful than...

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Your Company’s Review of 2015 Starts With this One Question

The end of 2015 has arrived. We knew it was coming as we pushed for all we could from everyone on our team these past weeks. And now that it is here, it’s time to review the results of 2015. Start with this ONE question to drive your review: Have we realized the success/results desired this year? Yes? Congratulations, and best wishes for much...

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Power Down to Ramp Up Your Success

Ever feel like the Energizer bunny who just keeps going and going and going? I do— and I do get a lot done. But the constant operating at full speed sometimes creates ineffectiveness and inefficiency. That’s why, as I return from long holiday weekend, I realize how important it is to periodically shut down so I have more “power” going forward....

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Do You Think Like a Winner?

Winners: People who are at the top of their game. They are successful, productive, and moving forward. As we move into fall—harvest time—it’s time to consider what you have sowed and reaped this year. Not happy with your yield so far? There is still time to develop the thoughts, actions, and results to ensure a winning 2015 and 2016. There are...

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Enough Is Enough Already: Productive ACTION = Success

Once again I saw the inspirational story about the father and daughter who say goodbye at the airport and wish each other “enough.” While it’s sweet, I see how much the “enough” idea applies in the working world, especially in the sales word. When is it enough to actually do? Enough: information tools support Enough that we can take action and...

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