What is the impact of your beliefs on your ability and commitment to attract and convert your ideal prospects?

What’s the impact of the belief of yourself, the role you have in people’s lives, and the value they receive in working with you?

It’s huge!

Your belief is a major factor in the energy, effort, and activity that you put forth in the lead generation activity to fill your funnel and the sales conversations that convert those prospects.

Beliefs’ Impact on Your Sales

Your level of belief constantly changes. Working from your baseline of belief that was developed by all your life experiences. This baseline moves all day long. How?  Everything that comes at you stretches or shrinks your belief level!

Let’s compare this baseline of belief to the size of a rubber band. The rubber band has a baseline circumference for its’ size.

And when that rubber band is stretched, it never returns back to the exact baseline. Even after removing the stretching pull on it, the rubber band is stretched a bit beyond where it started.

That’s exactly what happens with your belief baseline and your ability to attract and convert clients.

Your baseline of belief is stretched when you have success: A prospect signs the Agreement, you receive great feedback on the latest content you shared, a client lets you know how much you’ve helped them, and/or a COI makes a referral.

Stretch, stretch, stretch.

Your beliefs are stronger and all your activity around selling is easier.

But wait… at the end of the day an existing client questions the value they are receiving. They aren’t sure the fee is worth it…

Bam! Belief shrinkage!

But, just like the rubber band, even if that situation caused you to start questioning your value and your belief has shrunk, the baseline of belief is NOT the same as it was this morning. Nope, it is larger.

Leverage Your Stretched Selling Beliefs

That’s why it is so important to keep going and take action on your sales efforts when you have a success and your belief is strong! That strong confidence is highest and will be “felt” by everyone around you.

That’s why you should:

  1. Follow-up with stalled prospects
  2. Create content
  3. Reach out to COIs
  4. Ask for a guest spot on those podcasts and conferences

Don’t get caught in the unproductive cycle too many advisors do. Working hard to get new clients, and then saying that there is no time for sales efforts because they are too busy onboarding!

Then when those clients are onboarded, and lead gen and sales activity has been lower, the confidence and belief in selling has shrunk and it’s harder to get going again.

It’s a terribly inefficient and frustrating way to build your business!

Take this as your cue to acknowledge that when you are stretching…the effort is worth it. And this stretched belief will allow you to incrementally increase your confidence, the actions you take, and stretch your client growth!

If you want to stretch the number of people you work with, the first thing you need to do is stretch your beliefs.



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