A 5-Minute Pause to End the Year

In your final days of 2015, make the time for a 5-minute jumpstart to 2016. Ready? Take 5 minutes to note: Your biggest ‘win’ of the year. How can you build from it? Your biggest ‘loss’ and what you learned from it. Your biggest ‘wish’ for 2016 with two actions you will take in January to achieve it. Writing the responses is more powerful than...

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3 Sales Coaching Hacks You Can Start Today

We all know we are supposed to coach our associates, don’t we? After all, research proves over and over again how important individual coaching is to sales reps’ performance, even good and great performers. In fact, a recent study by Knowledge Tree, found sales representatives who receive at least three hours of coaching per month exceed...

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5 Tips to Attract Amazing Sales Candidates

It can be a real challenge to attract amazing sales candidates, can’t it? Attracting candidates to your company and opportunity is easier when you realize why it’s so tough: it’s part sales and part marketing. You need the right message (marketing) and the right activities (sales) to entice those candidates to apply for your job. The...

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Summer Sales Reading List 2015: The Grand Finale!

It’s Friday and the end of our posts on the BEST Sales books for your summer reading. It’s been found that only 25% of people over age 16 have not read a book in the last year. If you want to get ahead, continue to feed your mind with ideas, tools, and resources that can help you lead your team more effectively, hire better performers, and...

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Summer Sales Reading List 2015: Stop, Look, and Learn

When is the last time you read a good book? I don’t mean the latest detective mystery, trashy novel (hey, 50 Shades… is still on the best-selling list I hear), or biography… I mean a good book that helps you succeed in sales or sales management? We’ve compiled a list of must-read books in our 5th annual Summer Sales Reading List 2015 for you to...

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Which Sales Book is a Must Read? Summer Sales Reading List 2015

One question often posted in social media discussion groups is, “Which sales books is the must read for everyone in sales?” or “If you could only have your team read one sales book, which is it?” [Tweet ““If you could only have your team read one sales book, which is it?””] While those queries are interesting to debate…they are so...

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