It’s the start of a brand new business year. If you haven’t already, you’ll soon share sales goals with your team. And that’s when the real work begins…the tough stuff that helps your team actually achieve their goals this year.

Achieving goals begins with your team’s buy-in and belief that the goals are possible. To accomplish buy-in, plan for individual conversations as well as the group messages.

Next, arm yourself for the necessary ongoing focus, reminders, encouragement, and sometimes nagging to help them to achieve sales goals. Here’s 3 actions you can take to ensure success for your team:

  1. Help them identify the complete plan to achieve the goals. The plan should include:
    • Activities or actions needed: the big actions and the daily/weekly actions.
    • Timelines: daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly. Identify the timelines that make sense for the activities.
    • Progress measures: an often overlooked component of the plan. This is not just the lagging indicator of final results (closed sales, etc.) it should include activity level, number of referrals, pipeline movement, etc.
    • Identifying stakeholders in addition to you: who else has something at stake? Co-workers, the owner, their family?)
    • Resources needed: What is needed to stick to the plan? Time, tools, others, energy, etc. Let them identify this upfront so you can support them and they can see how much control they do have.
    • The WiifM– What’s in it for ME: this is not always easy to define. Many people can come up with the typical: “bonus earned” “more money” “You off my back” benefits for themselves. Help them dig deeper to define what those benefits mean to them? What will they spend their bonus on? What does more money mean to them? What is something specific they will purchase or save for? The more tangible, the more motivating it becomes.
  2. Focus your coaching conversations on the “internal drivers as well as the activities that will help or prevent them from achieving the goals. Each of these is a factor that impacts their activity level and results.
  • Beliefs
  • Goal Transparency
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Initiative
  1. Require a monthly recalibration. Use our 4-R Goal Review to stop the excuses and blaming and focus on what’s next: a renewal of commitment, a revision of some sort, or a replacement with higher priorities.

Doling out goals and numbers is just the beginning. To help your team actually achieve their sales goals requires focus, one-on-one time, guidance with defining the plan of action, and coaching. Your focus on their goal achievement early in the year, will make year-end much less stressful for all.

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