Ahhh, the excitement of a prospective client sales conversation: Finally, someone is interested in you and your services!

And it seemed to go well. They were even smiling at the end of the conversation.

Then…(crickets chirping)…

Now what? You don’t want to appear desperate, aggressive, or too “salesy” after all.

How can you follow-up and be there for them when they are ready to take the next step or talk again?

With a follow-up system/campaign!

Following are the best practices I’ve curated over the last decade.

Best Practices for a Successful Prospect Follow-Up Campaign

  1. Do not “check in.” Use a different phrase such as “reaching out” or “reconnecting.” No adults like to be checked in on.
  2. Identify a follow up campaign. Plan on 3-4 “touches” as a minimum – 8 is ideal if you really want to get the conversation/appointment. Start weekly, then bi-weekly and then go to monthly.
  3. Make it personal. Create your templates, and then take 3-4 minutes to personalize the message to grab their attention. The important components of a follow-up email:
  • Greet and connect. “I was thinking about our conversation/your situation…” (Powerful!)
  • Remind them WHY they were looking for advice. “When we spoke/when you reached out, you mentioned how much frustration you have about your student loan situation.” (Address WHAT they wanted and its IMPACT) and then something like others have recommended:
    • “Have you taken care of this?”
    • “Have you made progress?”
    • “What’s been your progress?”
    • “Is this still important to you?”
  • Be clear about what you are asking – your CTA. “Let’s have a conversation for you to share updates and see if I can help. To schedule (insert the how-to).”
  • Offer something of value if possible. If you have something to share – a document, link to a resource such as podcast, article, checklist, etc. Even a couple of thought-provoking questions are of value.
  • Let them know what to expect of YOU next! “If I don’t hear from you, I’ll reach out again on (insert date/time option).” This lets them know you are not a one-and-done.
  1. Vary your modes of contact if possible. Email, phone, text, LI messages.
  2. Cluster your outreach each week! Make the process efficient for yourself. Schedule time to do ALL your follow-ups together.
  3. Every other message, include the “break up.” “If you have decided on a different path, please let me know. I won’t be offended and will stop filling your inbox.”
  4. Be consistent. Systematize the process.

Effectively Follow Up with Stalled Prospects and Get Their Attention

I have a webinar on this topic, if you’d like a link – send me a note!