Preparing to Convert: The BIG Miss You Might Make – Part 2

“Measure twice, cut once.” That’s how I started the first article in this two-part series about the most boring habit. And it’s the ONE key habit you should develop to have better sales conversations and success. “Measure twice, cut once.” This adage is about preparation, and when it comes to preparation for sales conversations there are two...

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Preparing to Convert: The BIG Miss You Might Make

​Spoiler alert: In this article, I’m going to focus on a topic that many people consider boring. Because of that you may want to close it out and watch more rescue dog videos (oh, maybe that’s just me). I encourage you to keep reading and not look away because what I’m discussing today is one of the key ways to increase the probability of...

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Sales Objections? Move from Concerns to Conversions

“You get what you’re looking for.” It’s just one of dozens of “Jeanette-isms” I heard from my mom when growing up. And now as an adult, I can see how true this statement is. We do get what we’re looking for in many life circumstances, and in sales efforts. Here’s how I see it coming into play in sales situations, especially when faced...

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Crafting the “Just Right” Conversation…Like Goldilocks?

Do you remember the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears? Goldliocks was a little girl who entered the bears’ home while they weren’t there. Then, seeking to fit in and feel like she was at home, she tried their porridge, their chairs, and even their beds. She ended up falling asleep because she was so comfortable and felt peaceful....

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Are You Blocking Your Own Success?

What a question. A very brave question to ask yourself. And here’s a few more questions to reflect on: What’s in the way of you having the level of success that you want? What stands in the way of you working with the people who you want to serve? What stands in the way of you earning the income necessary for yourself and your family?...

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Stop Prospect Confusion and Overwhelm to Convert More

Confused and overwhelmed prospects don’t make decisions. Prospects won’t take the next step or make any commitments when they aren’t clear on what matters most. Instead, they stall, hide, and avoid you whenever they can. That’s why we must do everything we can to make sure our prospects aren’t confused or overwhelmed. Confused Buyers...

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Want Faster Conversions? Include All Prospects Early and Often

Virtual prospect meetings became mainstream in 2020 because we didn’t have a choice. Yet, while they were forced, there seemed to be a “magic” to these virtual sales meetings because we no longer had to travel, only had to focus on our appearance from the waist up, and could work with anyone anywhere! That’s why virtual meetings stuck....

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