Head. Heart. Hands.

No, it’s not a nursery song (i.e. “Head, shoulders, knees, and toes…”). These are the three areas we need to engage with our prospective clients in sales conversations.

Why? Because engaging their head, heart, and hands is how we involve and immerse them in the experience that builds trust, connection, and commitment with them versus having them be passive observers.

Take a Cue from Hollywood – Movies Make Money

We can look to a lesson from the movie industry in this area. (Those are never words I thought I’d write.)

The movie industry’s goal is to get more butts in seats in theaters. And how do they do that? By making sure that we are engaged and want to keep coming back and stay put and spend more money while IN the theater.

The ways they engage us keep evolving.

It’s not just visual and audio anymore. Many theaters now have comfy recliner seats with blankets. We can have food and drinks delivered to our seats. In some theaters there are even mechanisms that allow movement within the seat so that we feel even more a part of the story and of what’s going on in the scene.

And those additional experiences drive more people out of their living rooms and home theaters to THEIR theater.

What Prospects Feel in Sales Conversations Matters

When we are in the information exchange that is a sales conversation, we need to go beyond only affecting the head with information, facts, and data.

We also need to curate the experience, which means feeling the heart impact of their situation. We need to get them emotionally connected to their current situation’s impact, and the impact of what it would be like to get help.

This doesn’t mean we need to get all touchy feely, but we do need to get them to be in touch with emotions because it’s often their emotions that drive their decisions, commitments, and trust in you.

Make the Sales Conversation a Hands-On Experience

And yet there’s more! Take it a step further than head and heart and involve their hands. What can you get them touching, holding, or clicking to engage them and make them a more active part of the experience?

Can you ask them to take notes? Bring in documents? Review something with you in real time? How can you get them engaged in a physical, tactile way?

Be Your Prospects’ Guide Through the Sales Experience

As you think about leading your collaborative sales conversations with your prospects and clients, seek ways to go beyond a basic information exchange.

Identify specific ways to involve their head, their heart, and their hands.

Because once they’re engaged on all these levels, they’ll have more of what they need to be confident in moving forward with you as their guide.


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