“Let’s get personal.”

Two words that no prospective client is going to say. But “personal” — or a lack of it — is what I see as a barrier to higher conversions for advisors who provide a very personal service.

The Dangers of Depersonalization in Sales Conversations

What do I mean? “Depersonalized” sales conversation and explanations of what you do, and how you do it, stop the prospect from connecting with you and the solution.

When we personalize the conversation, we allow them to be more connected to what you’re saying. To be more connected to the information. It helps them understand what it would be like working with you and the service you provide.

What’s does this sound like?

First an example of a depersonalized statement:

“Well, typically in working with my clients, we meet every fall and that allows us to do tax planning so that they don’t have any surprises when filing their taxes the next year.”

The Benefits of Personalizing Your Language in Sales Conversations

Technically the example above is not a bad statement. It connects what we’re doing to “What’s in it for Them” (To learn more about connecting “What’s in it for Them” check out this short video: When Prospects Get Your Value, You Get the Sale).

The problem is that it’s not personal; it’s “me” and other people…which leaves the prospect sitting on the sideline.

Now an example of a personalized statement:

“Based on what you told me with your variable compensation situation, we’ll work together every fall for your tax planning. Then you’ll be able to make any adjustments necessary before year-end and have no surprises during your tax filing the next year.”

Personalized Connection Is a Powerful Sales Nuance

This personalized language is a small, nuanced difference that is very powerful. Now what you’re saying is personal — it’s about them specifically. It’s not focused on everybody else or my specific clients. It specifically connects how we’re going to work together in one specific way.

When you make the conversation more personal you make them feel better connected to you and to your service so that they’re confident in making a decision to work with you

Because, in your sales conversations, when you talk about EVERYBODY to the SOMEBODY in front of you, you end up connecting with NOBODY.


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