Nearly every website, blog post, and article this week is about goals. A focus on goals is never a bad thing, but is now the best time to focus on goals?

Don’t get me wrong, goal setting is a key factor in top performance in any discipline. The problem is that SO much emphasis is put on setting the goals at the beginning of the year and not enough focus or action on the change needed to actually achieve the goals the rest of the year.

Why is that? Well, this short video from a 4-year-old captures the message pretty clearly…resolutions (goals) are hard because they mean change. From the “mouth of babes” as they say.

Achieving our goals requires change. Reaching the goal typically means we need to stop something or start something…either way it’s about change.

To reach our goals, we need to set ourselves up to succeed by changing what is necessary to achieve those goals.

In order to keep the focus on your goals and make the changes necessary to achieve them use these simple tips:

  • Eliminate self-sabotaging words such as try, hope, just, maybe, and can’t. Your words matter.
  • Engage a stakeholder in your goal. Share the goal, discuss your plan with them, and ask them for help if needed.
  • Identify the real benefit. “Less stress” and “more money” are a good start, but take it further by asking yourself what those first-level benefits really do for you? Does less stress allow you to do more activities you enjoy? Does more money provide the means for a new car, trip, or college fund?
  • Think like a winner. Winning starts in your head.
  • Recalibrate monthly. Use our 4-R Goal Review to stay on track…or deter as appropriate.
  • Take action today. A little action every day is often better than a big action a week from now.

New Year’s is a good time to focus on goal setting. But, the best time to focus on achieving your goals is each and every day. That, along with making the necessary changes, is how you’ll achieve the goals you set.


For those of you who enjoy a good message set to music. Enjoy this irreverent and fun song about change.

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