Once again I saw the inspirational story about the father and daughter who say goodbye at the airport and wish each other “enough.”

While it’s sweet, I see how much the “enough” idea applies in the working world, especially in the sales word.

enoughWhen is it enough to actually do? Enough:

  • information
  • tools
  • support

Enough that we can take action and ensure our days and actions are productive for us, the company, and our customers?

[Tweet “The gap between knowledge and activity often is the indicator of a person’s individual success.”]

I know many people who are information junkies. These are people who spend a lot of time ramping up and seeking additional detail, tool, or answer before they can do.

Think about it: Are you a:

  • Ready, aim, shoot or
  • Ready, ready, ready, aim, ready, ready, aim… shoot person?

Guess who gets more done? Guess who helps more people? Guess who earns more money?

The most successful people know enough. They know enough to execute and get the answers when they need them.

[Tweet “Knowledge is not power, knowledge put into action is powerful.”]

Here’s a challenge: The next time you think, “I don’t have enough _________ (fill in the blank)” ask yourself these questions:

  1. How can I get the information that is a must-have, if it is needed?
  2. Is this my comfort level or the necessity of the situation?
  3. What is the real risk or downside if I act now versus after getting more of _________?
  4. What is the benefit of acting now?
  5. How will I feel if I take action now? Is being a little uncomfortable good for me?

I’m not suggesting we go out unprepared, quite the opposite: We definitely need to prepare… enough.

What do you think? How can we tell when we have enough so that we can do?