After several first-hand observations of sellers and sales leaders last week, I noticed something.

  • Some people are ‘can do.’ 
  • Some people are ‘can’t do.’

I-can-doHow do you respond to something new? Whether it is a new idea, project, opportunity, or challenge? Is your first thought “can” or “can’t”?

The can or can’t mindset makes a huge difference day in and day out. The results of those daily can or can’t do differences also create a cumulative effect for your career and life.

The timely tip: Focus more on the can dos:

  • What you can control.
  • The actions you can take.
  • Who you can connect with in order to further opportunities and relationships.
  • Why you can succeed.
  • How you can achieve the goals and objectives important to you.

Whew, those are a lot of actions you ‘can do’ isn’t it?

Your turn! How do you keep focused on the ‘can do?’ Leave a comment for a chance to win a signed copy of the Conversations That Sell book.