Ready to get the most out of this week?  Though some of you may feel a bit ‘stuffed’ from holiday eating last week…the good news is that you can work it off with action this week!

We have three full weeks of work remaining in 2009 (assuming you have time off at Christmas and New Year).  That’s at least 15 full days to make it happen!

The Countdown 8 week challenge to finish the year strong began in November.  Below are links to the first 5 tips and strategies.  This week is about DOING!    do it now

First 5 Countdown 2009 links:

  1. Take a hard look at where you are and answer questions that helped you identify and diagnose potential roadblocks.
  2. Set specific targets and plans for reaching them.
  3. Focus on  accountability, activity, and action!
  4. Your tool check up.
  5. The 4Rs to Hit your Target

Now to DOING!  This list is not focused on new prospects – your actions should focus on your current pipeline to maximize your time in the next few weeks.

  1. DDecisions.  Your role in sales is to help others decide.  Decide that they are ready to purchase, get you in front of the right person, or that they don’t need what you have (better to know than keep wasting your time).  Look at your pipeline. What is the decision you need from each person on the  list?
  2. OOffer.  What can you offer to to help move the sales process along?  It doesn’t need to be a discount of price.  An offer to get something done for them, an implementation suggestion, offer of assistance in completing paperwork or having a meeting with someone they need to include may be just what they need to move forward.  Be creative.
  3. IInitiate.  Who do you need to proactively contact?  Who is stalled in your sales process?  Write down their names – all of them. Then get their contact info and add that.  When are you going to make the contact?  Email? Telephone?  Write down when and how.
  4. NNegotiate.  Negotiate as in problem solving.  Do you know why someone hasn’t moved forward?  Have you asked for their concerns in a non-confrontational way?  “Please tell me what is keeping you from moving forward.”   Or bring up the concern yourself. “John, others have told me that budgets have been tight all year and that is why they can’t commit. How true is that for you?” If you don’t ask, you may be making assumptions that aren’t true.  See this post on assumptions.
  5. GGo!  Yes, Go!  Right now, start by writing down 10 actions you will take today and then DO them!

The time is now.  Access your pipeline data- electronic or hard copy.  Then start DOING!