Goals.  We love them, we hate them.  And we need them!  When we started the 8 week plan to end 2009 strong, I encouraged you to set targets.  Now is a great time for a 4R Target check-up!    checkup

Before the check-up – and to allow any of you just getting in on the Countdown to catch up – a recap of the first 4 weeks’ actions:

  1. Take a hard look at where you are and answer questions that helped you identify and diagnose potential roadblocks.
  2. Set specific targets and plans for reaching them.
  3. Focus on  accountability, activity, and action!
  4. Your tool check up.

Now to the 4R check-up!  Having a target is extremely important – and checking in to verify progress and whether the target is the correct target is equally as important.  With 30 days until year-end, use the following process to help ensure you are on track to achieve your short-term goals!

  • Review – read your goals and the plan to achieve them.  Are you on track?  Then move to Renew.  Not on track?  Revise or Recycle.
  • Renew– Recommit yourself to the goal and the time-frame.  Consciously think through the next steps and how you will feel when the goal is accomplished.
  • Revise– If the situation has change – revise your gaol as needed.  maybe the timing is off, or the outcome needs to be edited or the people involved have changed.  It’s okay make those revisions and then you have a realistic goal based on today’s criteria.
  • Recycle– Yes, recycle.  Just because a goal made sense earlier, doesn’t mean it still does.  It’s okay to remove a goal from your priorities and replace it with one that is more meaningful.

When should you do this?  Today, tonight or tomorrow morning.  Make the adjustments or recommitment and hit it hard these next days.

How am I going to live today in order to create the tomorrow I’m committed to?
Anthony Robbins