Want to play a game?  I challenge you to a game of darts.  Ready to play?  It’s a little different than you might think.  You have 8 darts in my game.  Each dart represents an hour of your ‘regular’ work day.  Your success depends on how accurate you hit your target.  But wait!  The dart board we use doesn’t have numbers – you don’t know where to aim, and you can easily hit a target youdont’ want to, instead of the bulls-eye.   dart board no numbers

Wanna play this game with me?  No? Why not?  It’s similar to the game I see sales pros, teams and managers play EVERY day. They work hard.  They work long hours.  They want to win. And still they end up wasting a lot of time and energy reacting and chasing.

Sound familiar?  Without a clear, focused target to aim at, there is so much waste and likelihood of missing the target!  With only 7 weeks left in 2009 is it too late to set targets now?  No!

Last week the action to Countdown 2009 was to analyze and find where you really are.  This week’s activity was to help you determine where you need to go and what you need to do!

This week’s challenge is to be very clear on your desired results for 12/31/09.  We call this the Ready, Aim, Action plan.


Take out pen and paper NOW.  At the top write:

On 12/31/09  I/My

It all starts with a target date and the focus on YOU!  You have more control (and potential reward) over what happens in this next 7 weeks than anyone else.


Then make 3 columns and title them:

Quantity/amount                     Result/Outcome              Reward/Benefit

  • Column 1 – Measurement – What numbers do you want on 12/31/09?  Dollars?  # accounts, # prospects at certain points in your pipeline, # appointments?
  • Column 2 – Result/Outcome – this is the result you want on that date.  Closed sales, contracts signed, appointments set, etc.
  • Column 3 – Rewards – this the benefit of you achieving the result or outcome.  The more specific the reward, the more motivation you will have to take the necessary action.

Target examples:

  • On 12/31/09 my annual closed sales are $750,000.  My reward is recognition from my company and manager, the feeling of success and my 5% bonus for reaching my goal that we will use to pay cash for our son’s tuition in January 2010.
  • On 12/31/09 I have 12 contracts signed for delivered product in January 2010. My reward is knowing that I will start 2010 with a bang and that I will not work at all on the holidays and use that time to focus on my family.
  • On 12/31/09 my 2009 goal is reached with ease.  My reward is that I will not have to scramble the last week justifying to management why I missed goal and what I am doing for next year.
  • On 12/31/09 My annual income is $250,000.  My reward is to fund my retirement account fully and to buy the flat screen TV for my bedroom that allows me more dresser space!


With only 7 weeks to go setting the target is necessary AND action is what will get you there.  Next is to identify 2-3 actions you will take THIS week to move toward these goals.

Example for Target 1:

  1. I will follow-up with Prospects A, B, C, X, Y, Z for the outstanding proposals.
  2. Brainstorm with my manager on otpions I can offer to stalled sales for Prospects M, ,N. Make contact with those prospects.
  3. For every meeting this week, I will spend 30 minuets preparing – researching any new information and identifying how to use the information in my contact.

That’s it!  It’s only about 60 minutes of time that will SAVE you so much energy and frustration.  Taking the 60 minute to follow the Ready, Aim, Action plan will make the rest of this week focused and productive.  And you will be well on your way to all the rewards you listed!

Chime in here…what is a goal you wrote?  What is your reward?  Do you think through your rewards and the ‘why’ you should reach your goals?