A few days left in 2009.  What are you doing?  From the number of Out of Office notices to messages sent yesterday, many of you are enjoying time OFF!  Yeah for you.  I hope you are rejuvenating yourselves!  For those still ‘in’ this week- its a great time to to close 2009.

How?  If you aren’t able to get in front of prospects and decision makers (though I do have 2 sales calls via telephone tomorrow), its the PERFECT time to do all the activities that we say we are too busy to do the rest of the year.  A recap of the actions and then tips follow.

  1. Organize.  Yes, the dreaded organization.  Take time to go through files, drawers, stacks of paper.
  2. Set goals.  Many say there is no time to do this the rest of the year.  Today is the day!
  3. Plan. Once the goal is set – putting together the plan is next.
  4. Rest.  Give your body and mind time to regenerate.


old bookTips for each action:

Organize – it’s more than straightening and getting things out of sight.  Start with this 3-step process:

  1. Review.  What is in your hand?  Scan it over and then,
  2. Decide what to do with it.  Is it something you will need again?  If you discard it, would you have access to it in some other way without it taking up your ‘space’?
  3. Keep, toss or file.     Yes, each item – once you get started this is only seconds per paper, item, etc.

Once you have control of the stuff – set up your files for next year – electronic or paper files.

Set goals.  I’ve written about goals many times, they are THAT important.  A few posts to help you: Ready, Aim, Action and  4 Rs of a  Great Goal Process,

Plan.  Planning is a different activity than setting the goals.  The goal is the target, the plan is the how you will get there.  If you would like a copy of an effective goal planning form, email me and I’ll send you a Word document.  This document not only allows you to write your goal (an important part of goal achievement) it also has places to write your actions and planning considerations.

Rest.  As a person who ‘gos’ full steam all the time.  The resting is something I have had to condition myself to.  And I realize the benefits every time.  Make time to get enough sleep, get your ‘head’ out of work, enjoy yourself and others without work pressures!  A previous post speaks to the benefits of rest.

And there you have it.  Make these days work for you!

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