​Forget high pressure scare tactics in your selling efforts. They don’t work and are unnecessary.

What does work is framing the sales “close” as the culmination to a productive, collaborative conversation. Collaborative closing ends with a specific commitment, action, or decision each and every time!

The good news is that with the information I’ll share in this month’s powerful, and FREE, virtual workshop can increase your conversion rate, close more business, and win more clients. No high pressure scare tactics needed!


Forget High Pressure Scare Tactics:
3 Simple, Collaborative Steps to Close Sales


In this 50-minute workshop, I’ll cover:

  • ​Two common mistakes that keep you from closing sales
  • What your buyers need to know before making a decision
  • ​3 simple, collaborative steps that make it easy for you — and the buyer — to get to the final decision
  • What you must do immediately following a “Yes” to prevent buyer’s remorse and needless follow-up

If you’ve attended any of my events, you know I focus on practical and actionable strategies. I know you’re going to find value in this fast-paced, informative workshop.

This free, workshop is a great opportunity to hear more about refining your virtual selling skills.


Not available at this time? Register anyway and the replay link will be made available for a limited time.