What do you think of someone with a slouching posture? Lack of confidence? No energy? Sloppy? Maybe even – oh, a bad back? That can happen in our sales too! If we are not upright and confident we send a message that keeps us from success.

With the slower economy, many business people are feeling less than optimistic about many things. The last thing they need is a slouching business professional calling on them. As we make contact everything about our “posture” matters.

To show you’re no slouch:
1. Prepare to be positive and have positive information to share. This will involve some research about the person, the company, the market they are in, etc. Find SOMEthing that will make them smile.
2. Smile and use an upbeat, genuine tone of voice. You don’t have to fake it. But being doom and gloom won’t get you anywhere.
3. Have questions that move the discussion past today and the economy.
4. Give a gift! A card for a cup of coffee, a movie pass, a bag of M&Ms, an inspirational note- (Compendium offers really inexpensive Thought a Day cards.) How about a lottery ticket??! For very little out-of-pocket you can make a difference.

Any one of these items will posture you as memorable and, more importantly, someone they WANT to do business with. Stand tall and know that a positive approach is a winning approach!

What do you do be avoid being a slouch?