Working Through Objections

Let’s take a quick trip down memory lane… when you were very young you learned what to do if your clothes caught on fire…  Say it with me…Stop, Drop and Roll….

What’s great about how “stuck” that is in our minds is that it’s also a powerful approach when we feel under fire when faced with an objection in a sales conversation.

Stop, Drop, and Roll Your Way Through Objections

To remove the adrenaline rush and the fight or flight reaction – and set yourself up to work through an objection or challenging question from a buyer, simply:

  • Stop
  • Drop
  • Roll with 3 A’s: Acknowledge, Ask and Answer
    • Acknowledge – with empathy
    • Ask – open-ended questions to find the root cause
    • Answer – with relevant information

Why Stop, Drop, and Roll Works

It slows down the exchange and gets you both on the path for the information exchange that needs to follow. After all if you don’t know the root cause of the objection – you could very well try to put out the wrong fire while the other fire burns brightly.

Don’t “Handle” Your Buyer’s Objection

One last comment, did you notice I never mentioned handling or overcoming objections? That’s purposeful as no buyer wants to be handled or overcome. Our professional and collaborative approach gives you the highest probability of working through the objection.

Move Forward Collaboratively

Next time you hear an objection, no need to roll on the floor. Instead mentally Stop, Drop, and then Roll by verbally setting the stage for problem solving with Acknowledging, Asking, and then Answering. You’re more likely to keep the conversation and opportunity open.

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