When’s the last time you considered who’s in your winning circle when you’re successful in your selling efforts?

After all, the goal of our selling activities is to win business, trust, and a long-term customer or client, isn’t it?

Who Really Wins?

Yet – who really wins when a sale is made? Is it:

  • The buyer?
  • The company providing the solution?
  • Or the seller?

If it’s the proverbial win-win – which two of these three stakeholders is winning? Who is left out?

In collaborative selling, they all win.

The Win-Cubed Creates a BIG Winner’s Circle 

The goal in collaborative selling is to create a BIG winner’s circle where the company, the customer, and you, the seller, all win when a sale is accomplished.

You see, in any sale, there are many stakeholders and the win-win isn’t comprehensive enough to take into account all the stakeholders.

Successful selling creates benefits for a win-win-win or the Win-cubed. 

It’s something to think about isn’t it? Each of those key stakeholders can and should win.

How the Customer Wins

The customer wins because when they decide to “buy” – either a product or service. They secure a solution that:

  • Solves a problem or pain point;
  • Captures an opportunity for them to do something better in some way;
  • Or specifically addresses a want or need.

Whether the customer is a person, couple, a team, or a business, they are better in some way when they decide to move forward and address their problem, opportunity, want, or need with a solution.

How the Company Wins

The “company” as a stakeholder wins in a compound way. The company is made up of everyone involved in some way – that’s every employee, board member, owner, and vendor – anyone who is part of the company or solution in some way.

The company provides the solution and wins because they have:

  • A new customer;
  • Revenue;
  • An opportunity to use expertise or products to benefit someone else; and
  • Employment opportunities for all the team members who develop, create, and deliver the solution.

How You Win

And the third stakeholder – you, the seller, business development associate, or business owner win because you:

  • have helped someone;
  • are able to use your education, experience, and thoughts in a meaningful way;
  • have job security; and
  • have created a financial gain for yourself and your personal stakeholders – most likely your family

Small Business Owners Take Note

A special note for you small business owners – when you think about the winner’s circle – think of yourself as TWO of the stakeholders. When you think of your business as a separate stakeholder from you personally, it will help you make better business decisions.

For example: As a person you may want to deeply discount what you offer to help someone out, but as the business stakeholder, you may realize that “giving it away” too much will damage the health of your business.

Expand Your Winner’s Circle

When we stretch our winner’s circle outside the win-win and focus on a powerful winning outcome, win-cubed, the focus can motivate you to take the actions needed to be successful.

And the win-cubed success for the buyer, the company, and you is much stronger than a win-win.

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