checklistThe last blog post spoke to the ‘ills’ of sales success Skills and Will.  Timely then to receive a phone call this morning from a manager who wanted advice on terminating someones employment.

After sorting through the reasons Why – it was clear – she didn’t demonstrate any willingness to:

  1. Act
  2. Own


Doing the right activities and behaving in the right manner are important for job success. If you don’t act appropriately, you won’t accomplish what needs to be done.


She didn’t own her responsibilities or job. She passed on whatever she could to others without taking ownership and therefore made herself unnecessary.

What’s this have to do with  you? Well, its a good checklist to gainful employment and success.

Knowing the right things to DO is important. Then taking responsibility for them and completing them is what will keep you employed.

This week – first take action on the things that need to be done and then own your job, your cusotmers, and your results.