Today is the FIRST day of the last-half of the year!  It’s a great time to check-in on your readiness for the Back Half of 2010.   got your back cropped

For those on a calendar year reporting plan, you are half-way through the year.

  • How do your results so far compare to your goal?
  • What has worked well to help you exceed  your plan?
  • What barriers have popped up that are keeping you from your goal?
  • How have you equipped yourself to be more productive? (Systems, training, relationship building)

As you consider your responses, some deeper questions:

  • How satisfied are you with where you are at today?  If you are not very satisfied, who has the power to change that?
  • Have you taken the necessary actions to succeed? Or fallen into the trap of ‘too busy’ to advance your sales?
  • What business is sitting and waiting for YOU to move it forward?
  • What actions are you willing to take in the next 30 days to make the most of the next six months?

Nearly everyone I have spoken to has seen some signs of hope in their industry and company.  Now is the time to dig in, identify the actions you will take and then DO them.

So, Who’s Got Your Back half of 2010 covered?  YOU DO!