Here’s a number to pay attention to…

It’s estimated that 90% of sales conversations are happening virtually these days and that though skepticism remains, many people, more than 50% believe that this mode of selling is as effective as our old practices.

Interesting isn’t it? That though many people have been thrust into a virtual selling environment, it is effective. And it’s not new, though it seems like it is for many people, both buyers and sellers. No.

A New Mindset for a Proven Sales Mode

Virtual selling meaning audio only or with some sort of video, is an effective tool and has been proven to be so over the years. What needs to shift and catch up with the new reality is our mindset on its effectiveness.

I heard people tell me before this even, that “I can’t use those virtual selling tools because my clients are old and don’t know technology.” Or “My clients like to see me face to face.” And a whole lot of other reasons why they say it doesn’t work.

People Are Adaptable 

Yet, our buyers have been thrust into this environment now, too and have proven to be very adaptable. For example, my 95-year old great aunt has such a strong desire to communicate with her family that she has gotten tech savvy in the last couple of months.

A client of mine, who for years has really pushed back on live and virtual training – even though it keeps his team from having to travel into the office and lose valuable selling time – now that he’s experienced it over these last couple of months with me, says he can’t believe how effective it really can be.

People really did make quick shifts and we have to make sure that our mindset and the stories that we’re telling ourselves aren’t keeping us from being effective in getting people to move through their decision-making process during this virtual time. Because though staying at home and being away from public settings is our new norm for a while, there are a few things that haven’t changed.

What Buyers Really Need

First, people need products and services, and though a lot of people were on pause for a while, people are settling in now and realizing this new reality will be going on for some time and they can’t pause their entire life.

The second thing that hasn’t changed is that they need you. And they need somebody to help guide them through a decision-making process to get what you offer.

The last thing that hasn’t changed is skillsets. Many of the skills used in face-to-face or in-person sales conversations transfer very effectively into the virtual world with a couple of edits.

Going forward, I’m going to record some additional videos with the do’s and don’ts for virtual selling.

How Is Your Mindset Affecting Your Virtual Sales?

For today though, I want you to think about your own mindset around the effectiveness of virtual selling and ask yourself, what barriers or concerns am I bringing to the sales conversation that might be getting in the way? Or how is my mindset possibly getting in the way of buyers working with me?

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