Yesterday’s Twitter blackout had people all in a Twutter (maybe that is a new “Twitter”word?)… Some people and companies have come to rely heavily on this tool for marketing and communication.  Incorporating Twitter and other social media into your sales process is good strategy in today’s e-world.  But what do you do when the “lights go out”?

What is your back-up plan if you are disconnected from all things electronic?  An earlier post about Social Media covered my observations about the use of Social Media.  I’m still learning how to best use it in my own business and sales.  Now I have another consideration – what is my power “generator” if I don’t have accessto my electronic life-lines for a while?  Can we really get rid of the need for the telephone and hard copy communication? twitter

What would you do if you couldn’t access your Twitter, LinkedIn, email or BlackBerry (or such) device?

Let’s open this discussion…what are your back-up plans for a black out?

p.s. I’m still gigglig about the word “twutter” 😉   Of course I intend it to mean “all a flutter”.