A powerful question isn’t it? What would happen if you reflected on this question before any interaction?

It’s exciting to start this blog for sales and service professionals to discuss and discover ideas and tools to help us be more productive, create stronger customer and employee loyalty and feel good about what we are doing! This blog will be successful with your comments, opinions and suggestions.

Our first topic is one of the foundational components of What’s in it for Them? – communication!

As the sender of any message, consider that the message sent is filtered by the receiver’s past experiences, style, mood and many other individual factors. As we identify the message we need to send, we should also consider how to best communicate it so that the filters will not distort it and our message is mis-read or mis-heard.

A phrase that I use to keep this focus is Communicate with people the way THEY want to be communicated with. It may not be grammatically perfect, but it works!

Consider your customer interactions – whether they are internal or external – what do you do so that your message is best heard by THEM?

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