Another blogger, Becky Robinson of the LeaderTalk blog, recently asked her readers the question, “What do I know best?”

What an interesting question to ponder – “What do I know best?”  And it wasn’t as easy as it first appeared. She suggesed that we think about things that are easy for us, that we don’t need to prep for and that we can just help others with.

To come up with my list, I thought about this past week. What conversations have I had with others that were ‘teachable moments’ and I was able to pass along knowledge or insight that really helped someone else? My answers are simple (and it makes me wonder if I over complicate things in my training if it was this simple.)

So here goes:

  1. No one has to appoint you a leader. You get to decide and can act as a leader day in and day out without a formal title.
  2. Being a mom and a high level business professional is tough. And you will have to make tough choices sometimes – the mom part should always win – the time we are blessed with the kids passes quickly.
  3. To be successful in business (whether you are in a direct sales role or not) means having to constantly focus on the WiifT – What’s in it for THEM. The more you communicate, act and live with the WiifT mindset, the more successful you will be.
  4. The key to WiifT is undertanding others communication needs and then adapting your communication to it. Though each human being is very individual, there are tools and assessments that can help us with the understanding and ‘how to’ of doing this well.
  5. I also know that everyone needs a ‘coach’ in life and business. It can be a spouse, friend, colleague or anyone. And that each of us can coach others by paying attention, giving them time and attention and sharing ‘what we know best’ when appropriate.

einsteinNow I ask you – What do you know best? It doesn’t need to have been learned in a book, in fact your life or work knowledge learned the ‘hard way’ might be what is most valuable.  You don’t have to be Einstein to know a lot of things best.  Please share with the rest of us – it will help us all know our ‘go to’ person on many dfferent things!

Looking forward to reading about more ‘knows bests’ from readers.