Congratulations! You have earned a bonus this week. You gain an entire hour of time! Now the big question is, what will you do with it?

10 ideas to consider:
1. Simply get an extra hour of sleep this weekend. A recently published Swedish Study found that the rate of heart attacks is 5% less on the Monday after we set our clocks back. The extra hour of sleep IS good for our health.
2. Do something good for someone else. Run an errand for them, stop and chat with them, share a cup of coffee, offer to help with a chore they need completed…the opportunities are endless!
3. Call someone who you have not spoken with in a while.
4. Just sit and do NOTHING! For some of us, that is not an easy thing to do, but with a bonus hour, I might give it a try.
5. Attend a worship service.
6. Bake! A cake or loaf of bread takes about an hour – and then you would have something good to eat too!
7. Exercise – that would help with health risks all year!
8. Read. Kick up your feet and read the Sunday morning newspaper while enjoying your favorite morning beverage.
9. Lay in bed and watch TV with your significant other or kids…I remember a Sunday morning where we watched cartoons and the kids couldn’t believe we were willing to do it!
10. Do some of your work week activities that will give you an hour to VOTE on Tuesday! Voting is such an important part of our rights in the U.S.

One hour. 60 minutes. 3600 seconds. The possibilities to fill that time are mind boggling!

What did you end up doing with your bonus this year?