vacation-travelBy the time anyone reads this post, my vacation will be well underway!  Just writing the words makes me want to “Wahoo!”

Why is that? What is vacation anyway?  For me, it is an opportunity to recharge and to reconnect with my family 24/7.  Like many of you – I love to work – and that is a blessing and a curse for my family.

Even with the best of intentions, most evenings I find myself plugging away at the computer and working on projects. I don’t unplug fully enough.

But this vacation I am!  I have books to read (my goal is three non-business books) – and one business book I can’t wait to read by David Levin. Kayla, my awesome intern, read it last week and I kept hearing her laugh out loud – now I can’t wait to read what she found so humorous!

You will not be forgotten! I have blog posts lined up for you, Lynn Zimmer ready and willing to help with any questions and Kayla manning the phones and office!

I wish you 7 days of greatness – great productivity, great relationship building, great success and great laughs!

Dedicated to your sales success.