My tips focus on tips and best practices for selling. I believe that the ability to sell well is as necessary as the mental attitude that drives the actions.

That’s why when I met Steve Martile, Sales Coach with Freedom Education,  and heard his message, I thought it was helpful information to share with you! We have decisions to make about the level of success we want. Steve shares more below…


Are You Ready for This?

Most of us we’ve been taught that the best way to achieve more is by trying harder and by doing more.  You’ve got to push yourself through your feelings and do it.  Trying harder is how you accomplish more. 

Sales people are known for having this mindset.  I’m sure you’ve heard that before.

The problem with always pushing yourself to act is that it can lead to burnout, fatigue and exhaustion.

The stress from “over-doing” it can even lead to illnesses… stress-induced illnesses like insomnia, depression, anxiety or even panic attacks.

The harder you try and the more you push yourself, the worse you feel and in some cases, the less you accomplish.

Not a formula for success.


The key to stepping out of your current income and outcome zone without pushing yourself is to align your subconscious mind with your conscious goals.

To do that, there are three steps:

* Step #1: Decide What You Want
* Step #2: Be Willing to Change
* Step #3: Amplify Your Self-Image

Deciding is the most difficult step.

The reason I say that is because many people are afraid of making the wrong decision.


Fear is the most powerful of all negative emotions.  Fear is what kills your dreams.  It’s when you feel worry, anxiety and uncertainty about your future.

As an example let’s say you’re looking to make a little (or a lot) more money, which could create some serious changes in your life.

On the outside it seems like a great idea, but on the inside you haven’t really sold yourself on the idea that it can really happen.  You think to yourself…

* What if I’m not good enough?
* What if I’m not smart enough?
* What if I’m not qualified?
* What if I mess up?
* What if they don’t like me?
* What if I’m too old?
* What if I’m too young?

What if, what if, what if?  All these doubts and worrisome thoughts running through your mind.

So on the outside you really want to attract more money, but on the inside you feel like you’re going through hell trying to make it happen.

It’s where one part of you really wants to attract more money but another part of you is resisting.

Why the conflict?

The reason for this conflict is because your intention to make more money (BIG YOU) is out of alignment with your conditioning, perceptions and limiting beliefs (SMALL YOU).

This is what holds 99% of people back.

When you try to attract more money and you experience this resistance, it’s because your subconscious programming is out of alignment with your conscious goals and intentions.

It’s like driving your car at full speed with the brakes on.

When you begin to align the conscious and subconscious parts of your mind you harmonize your goals and you get into alignment.

You’re still applying the same pressure to the gas, but now you have let go of the breaks while you drive.


Decision is the starting point.

First decide with your thinking exactly what you want and how you want to feel when you…

** have the money you want
** are debt free
** are feeling financially secure
** are driving the car you want
** living in the home you want

Being able to make decisions and to do this often enough will always bring you new opportunities – even if it’s the wrong decision.

When you make ANY decision you gain movement and momentum.  This movement creates a contrast in your experience so that new people and opportunities turn up in your reality.

That contrast is going to bring you things you like and some things that you don’t like.

As you find out what you don’t like, you start to get clearer on what you DO like.

The key here is that each decision you make creates more contrast.  And the more contrast you experience, the clearer you get on what you don’t like.

The more aware you are of what you don’t like, the clearer you get on what you DO LIKE.

Let me say that again…

The more aware you are of what you don’t like, the clearer you get on what you do like…

You see how this works?

It doesn’t matter if it’s the right or wrong decision.  You just need to make a decision of what you want.

Once you decide and begin thinking about what you DO want, the Universe will conspire to bring those things into your experience.

“You become what you think about most of the time.”  ~ Earl Nightingale

More about Steve:

Steve is an engineering consultant, blogger and sales coach.  He helps high commission sales professionals that are struggling to make enough sales, streamline their sales techniques and work more efficiently so that they can double or triple their commission checks.  His ideal clients are High Performance Sales Professionals and Business Owners who have been in business 4-5 years or more, are big thinkers and are ready to do the work to take their business to the next level.  You can learn more about Steve at: