How efficient are you? Do you ever wish there was MORE of you? Or more time in your day?  Well, that’s what tools are for. To help us maximize our time and add efficiency to our efforts.

This post is all about tools.  Why?  I was asked to judge a contest for Top Sales World this past week which put me deep into trying, researching and evaluating what tools are available.  What’s this mean to you? One place to stop and see all the helpful tools, information and resources that can help you and your team SELL MORE next year (or tomorrow).

Jonathan Farrington and team put together global sales experts to narrow down the HUGE list of sales resources to pick the best.As part of the judging panel for 2010 Top Sales Tool, I researched and tried the top 10 tools noted on the site.  I found many of them quite interesting…and more importantly valuable!  Now, I don’t want to give my top picks because the actual awards are tomorrow, December 16th – go here to register for the free webinar. top sales awards 2010

What I offer you today are links to check out these 10 tools for yourself. There are tools for adding audio to emails, CRM efficiency, converting leads and more.

  • Active Conversion – convert your leads quicker and more effectively
  • Time Trade – on-line appointment scheduling
  • Revegy – Revenue optimization enablement software
  • Gold Mail – add audio easily to emails – free version!
  • Whiteboard Selling – whiteboard and solution WITH your prospects
  • Politemail – Outlook email marketing and metrics monitoring
  • Marketsync – prospecting tool connected to
  • Proposable – web-based proposal generation
  • EchoSign – sign documents easily and efficiently, while saving the planet
  • SalesCallPlanner – preparation connected to your CRM – training along the way

And one really great FREE tool that is not in this list is the Quick121 Presenter. This will get its own post very soon – at Sales Pro Insider we have been using this tool for months and watching it evolve…more to come on this!

And if you like tools, Nancy Nardin’s site and blog at Smart Selling Tools is ALWAYS full of current and helpful tools – that are great value for the benefits!

Your skills and expertise in selling are valuable…and using great tool to be more efficient and effective is just smart.  Looking and trying these tools – many have free versions, should be on your To do list as you begin 2011.

Sales Managers – if you need an easy and quick tool to equip, engage  and energize your sales team – we have Sharpenz ready-to-go sales training kits for you. These kits provide all you need for a 30 minute sales BOOST of productivity and energy. You can download 2 free – and there is a year-end discount for the library as well.