Thanks to all who voted for the Sales Pro Insider article on Top 10 Sales Article last month.  The Sign of a True Sales Pro: Admitting We’re Never Too Good for Coaching took top honors. I’m a winner!



Those who know me are probably cringing at my winner statement.  I have a mantra “Think Like a Winner” that irritates them.  Thinking alone is not going to make us winners, but the reality is, our belief and commitment to be in top form is what keeps us at the top!  These commitments and belief keep us moving forward and taking action.

I hope you are thinking like a winner this year.

One thing I do to remain optimistic about winning in my career is the key message from this winning article; we all need a coach to get better.  The message holds true no matter what your experience, position, tenure, or education.

One of the best things I have done for my business this year is engage a mentor and coach.  Taking time to step back and identify what works for me, where I can improve and set actions has kept me moving forward in this economy.  When many consultants are struggling or looking for corporate jobs, Sales Pro Insider, Inc. continues to thrive.

We also continue to plan for the future and will be making some exciting announcements on resources that will help sales teams accelerate their performance.

Thanks again for the votes.  And thank you to the team at Top Sales Experts for pushing this article to the top (they were 50% of the decision as well).  This article will now be one of 12 up for top annual honors in December…I’m starting to think like a winner for this one too 🙂

Dedicated to your sales success,

Nancy Bleeke (sounds like flaky, though I am not)