If you are successful in sales, there must be something that drives you.  It could be doing the right thing, the passion for your product or service, the monetary rewards, providing for your family, the desire to help other people or so many other things.

For some sales professionals, one of the drivers is the competition involved in sales.  Whether it is competing against our own numbers, working a difficult situation through to a successful result when many others would have given up or beating our competition; a competitive spirit can keep us going.

I am a competitive sales professional.  It is not THE driver for me, but it is A driver.  And this month has tested my competitive spirit!  Over at  Top 10 Sales Articles, my article, The Sign of A True Sale Pro: Admitting We’re Never Too Good For Coaching, has been in the running for top article of May these past weeks.  I have been trading the top spot all month and would appreciate you  casting your vote for the article…if you find it worthy!

Nancy Bleeke Nominated Author

Nancy Bleeke Nominated Author

You can click here to vote.  And while you are at the site, make the time to review the other articles…there are some really smart and successful people providing tips to help YOU sell more.

What drives you?  Reflect on what drives you to succeed. Then post a comment to let the rest of us know how you keep that drive working for you.