Ready or not, it’s here!  2010 has arrived and today is the first official business day for many.  This is also the time of year for Top 10 lists from ‘things’ last year and predictions for this year. So, nothing we can do about 2009 any longer, except learn from the results.  We can look for what this year might bring as we begin anew!

I don’t have a crystal ball to tell us what is ahead – but what I have are connections with AWESOME people in-the-know!  I asked several international sales experts to share their top sales predictions for 2010.  What do we have to look forward to?  What do we need to plan for?  What opportunities should we seize?  This week I will share the predictions with you.  You might agree, you might disagree, that is up to.  I’m hopeful that the information helps you strategize your annual approach.

CrystalBallI asked for predictions in two sales areas:

  • What will the new year bring for sales reps?
  • What will the new year bring for Sales Leaders?

To begin the 2010 predictions, two savvy women!

Jill Konrath, of Selling to Big Companies, Get Back to Work Faster and Sales Shebang and Nancy Nardin of Smart Selling Tools predict.

Sales Leaders:

  • In 2010, a salesperson’s ability to personally bring value to the relationship will become the primary factor in determining which company wins the business. In a world of minimally differentiated products and services, customers will choose to work with sellers who continually bring them relevant ideas, insights and information. If no salesperson stands out in this area, pricing will become the de facto determinant. (Jill Konrath)
  • A new enthusiasm and focus for knocking down barriers that stand in the way of their sales team. (Nancy Nardin)

Sales Professionals:

  • In 2010, sales leaders will finally realize that investing in Sales 2.0 is essential to increase sales productivity and improve sales effectiveness. It’ll become glaringly apparent that sellers who leverage Sales 2.0 tools significantly outperform their colleagues. On the downside, sales leaders will mistakenly assume this success is due to technology and overlook the substantial skill differential among their reps. This failure to invest in training will result in much lower ROI than initially projected. (Jill Konrath)
  • The trend will be “back-to-basics”.  Build relationships, focus on the customer, and provide value.  (Nancy Nardin)

More predictions each day this week – with mine on Friday.  Along the way I’ll also share some great complimentary (as in FREE) resources to help you in 2010 and beyond.

Smart Selling Tools Ebook 2010

The first resource?  A FABULOUS eBook on Smart Selling Tools – Free and full of lots of tools that are no cost or low-cost.   Maximizing your time and energy will be key this year!