Ready for more 2010 sales predictions? I am!  Each day this week I am sharing with  you predictions from top sales experts from around the globe. We started with two awesome sales women and yesterday gave time to someone ‘across the pond’ – thanks Jonathan!

Today, Jeb Blount, CEO of Sales Gravy and author of the book Power Principlesshares predictions from his perspective as the most visited job search site for sales professionals.

Jeb’s predictions for 2010:

1. Sales leaders will be faced with the challenge of retaining top sales talent as competition for sales talent heats up with sales employment improves on the leading edge of the global economic recovery.

2. Sales Professionals will find an improved jobs picture with companies hungry for seasoned sales talent. With more choices 2010 will be a great year to make a career move though base salaries, perks, and benefits may lag behind expectations.jobsearchnewspaper

Thanks Jeb!  For many salespeople that might be great news!  Lots of opportunity and an economic uptick.  If you know someone looking for work – visit the Get Back to Work Faster site.  Chock full of FREE resources to help in creating your own job opportunities.

For leaders , job opportunities from your  competitors might bring changes you hadn’t planned for.  It’s not too late to start NOW to coach, provide open communication and most importantly RECOGNIZE and show appreciation for your salespeople.  It is true that people leave managers more than they leave companies – YOU have more to do with retaining your salespeople than the you might think.

Tomorrow’s predictions might be a little ‘colorful’.  Can’t wait!