“Sales” Is Not a Dirty Word

I had a very strict Catholic mother and any swear word uttered by me or one of my 5 siblings was quickly followed by the taste of a bar of soap she put in our mouth.

I share this because I know dirty words are bad…and lead to distasteful consequences.

But the word “sales” is not one of those words!

Perceptions about Salespeople Need to Evolve

Though negative connotations persist, due to long standing stereotypes or war stories often more than the majority of real buying experiences, the perception of the words sales, salespeople, and selling do need to evolve.

Almost Every Professional Is in Sales

You see today, with 46.8% of jobs in businesses with less than 500 employees, almost anyone in a “people” business is selling.

Whether you’re a financial advisor, support person, CPA, attorney, farm credit folks…

Sales is part of the job. Heck it’s part of life…

What Is Selling?

So what is selling and why isn’t it bad?

Selling is simply working with someone to help them make a decision or take action.

When you look at selling this way – we all sell. Whether it’s getting commitments, seeking action, and outright buying decisions.

For those of you selling yourself or your services…the more comfortable you are with the fact that you sell to thrive or even survive, and the more you learn how sell ethically and collaboratively, the more successful you will be.



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