Ever notice two people whispering to each other and as you get approach them, they suddenly stop talking?  How do you feel?  Uneasy? Confident?Annoyed?  Curious?

Well, when I saw this quote by the actor Erroll Flynn I thought – this is so true in business!

It isn’t what they say about you, its what they whisper behind your back. 

Not to make you paranoid – but it is TRUE!  What people – customers or colleagues – say behind your back is a good indication on how well you are building value for those around you.  Are the ‘whispers’:

  • Stating how valuable you are?
  • How full of integrity and honesty your actions show?
  • Questioning some of your recent actions?
  • Saying to others ‘You HAVE to work this person, they are so great!”

megaphoneTo build long lasting relationships – meaningful business relationships that provide value to you and them – you need the whispers to include only the best things about you. To be statemetns that you wish they would SHOUT from a megaphone for all to hear.  When you consistently act from a place of genuine care, integrity and honesty you’ll never have to worry about the whispers, because you know they are good.

What can you do this week to generate GREAT whispers about you?  Are there unplanned contacts or actions you can take?  Think about – there probably is something you can do. And hopefully the recipient will be willing to share a loud whisper of the value you brought.