ExcusesHow are you as this week begins?  Fired up and ready to roll?  Still dragging because your weekend was packed? It doesn’t matter…as of right now YOU get to choose how your week ends.

Every beginning of the week we get to make a choice:  Will I  make it a productive day/week? Or will I wait and see how it goes?

You really do get to make the choice. Yes, there will be ‘things’ that get in the way and a lot of opportunity to make excuses …but if you have the mindset that YOU are in charge or your own destiny, YOU will have a better week.

So…its a ‘no excuse’ week challenge!  Today:

  1. Decide what you want to accomplish THIS Week.   Write it down.
  2. Write at least 5-7 major ACTIONS you will take to drive that accomplishment.
  3. Identify the barriers that might slow you down – hold you up.  How can you reduce/eliminate these potential barriers?
  4. Who else will support what you want to accomplish? Share your plan with them.
  5. Identify how you will reward yourselfwhen this is accomplished.

Using 10-15 minutes of your time RIGHT NOW will ensure your outcome.

One of the biggest potential barriers to this EASY plan?  Excuses!  So….make it a No Excuse week. If you notice you aren’t taking action on your plan – don’t make an excuse, DO it!  Barriers popped up?  Work through them with no excuses!  And if at the end of this week, you haven’t completed something  NO EXCUSES!  Take the action or plan for it on Monday.

Imagine if you had a NO EXCUSE philosophy every day, week, month?  How much more control would you have over your results and life?

p.s. Look at the photo in the post – if you decide to make excuses  you can use this to find some creative ones…