Wait.  For what? Answers.  How long do you wait for a response after asking a question?  It is estimated that people wait 1-4 seconds for a response to an asked question.  Time it and you’ll see it is true.   stopwatch

If you allow more time – even up to 20-30 seconds – for a response you may hear something spectacular.  Yes it will seem like you are waiting forever but watch/listen to what happens when you do wait.  Information will come – and the richness of the response may surprise you.

Some people need to process the informationin their head before it comes out their mouth (some other people should giv  this a try :).  When we interrupt someone with another question, rephrasing the initial question or answering the question ourselves, we frustrate them and shut down communication.  Then we have to work harder to get the information out.

Today, pay attention to your wait time.  Whatever it is, focus on doubling it and see what you can learn.

I believe it will be worth the wait.