Yesterday I had a sales appointment. The pre-communication with the prospect was challenging – no return phone calls, one line responses to emails, an abrupt “I can’t talk now.” when I reached him by telephone.

I was a biT apprehensive about what I was walking into. So, the evening before I opened my trusty Quick Prep tool and followed it step by step.  As I answered the questions, planned questions and used the Internet to research the contact, company and industry, my confidence increased that I did have something of value for this person and company.  That even if he was an ‘ogre’ (I just saw Shrek last weekend 🙂  I wouldn’t be eaten alive.

Sales Quick Prep ToolThe confidence I gained from the prep allowed me to engage in a meaningful sales conversation from the beginning.  He had good questions to start and then we got into the flow of a sales call – needs analysis first, then a discussion on how we might help and a commitment to the next step.

As a sales professional who teaches/coaches other sales professionals – its rewarding to see the processes and actions work!

That’s why I am offering the valuable Quick Prep Tool to you FREE!  Just send me a note and tell me why you want a Quick Prep Tool of your very own – its an interactive pdf so you can type right into it to save time – print it out and you are ready for success!  That’s the power of prep!