I just read an article with tips to be likeable (and many of the thousands of comments following it).

The title of this article, 6 Habits of Remarkably Likeable People, caught my interest and I admit that the author Jeff Hayden, has many valid points in building a good conversation. He lists these 6 habits:


  1. They lose the power pose.
  2. They embrace the power of touch.
  3. They whip out their social jiu-jitsu.
  4. They whip out something genuine.
  5. They ask for nothing.
  6. They “close” genuinely.

Let’s face it, as sales professionals, we do need to be likable so that our customers and buyers will work with us, have conversations with us, and buy from us!

Yet, a couple of these habits may HURT us if take them too literally.

# 5. Ask for nothing. That doesn’t work in sales. It’s too passive. I know a LOT of likable people in sales, and those that don’t ask for anything miss their quotas, have stalled sales, and are often frustrated on why other people don’t make decisions.

So, can you be nice, likable, and assertive in asking for a decision, commitment, or something?


Great conversations in the sales world are built with the other person, focus on the other person (What’s in it for Them?), and yet are not valuable unless we get them to DO or DECIDE something. If they don’t take action and buy our product or implement our service, how have we helped them?

The second caution is for #2 Embrace the power of touch. Not an issue if you only converse via telephone or computer. Could be a HUGE issue if you meet face-to-face. There are so many cultural, gender, and personal preferences that can make this go bad. Be careful!

While being likable will help you, don’t take these ideas at face value. Factor them into your situations and observe what works and doesn’t for you and your buyers.

What have you found makes you ‘like’ someone?