Well, I’m back from a whirlwind 4 day trip to NYC!  Earlier I blogged about my “training” program these past six weeks to prepare to climb the steps to the crown of the Statue of Liberty.  Mission Accomplished!

Yes, I did it!  It wasn’t bad at all.  And there were some actions that made it better.

  1. Breaking the process into smaller milestones.  Reaching the base was milestone one.  A small rest (and reading the sign that there were only 202 more steps) and off I went again.  Toward the top when the stairway was really narrow, I focused on the 7 seven steps to the next landing.  Break your goals into smaller increments. Then focus on what is next and get it done.  Keep that process going to get to the final outcome.
  2. Adjusting on the way.  I realized that slowly going up each step was actually more difficult than using momentum from a quicker pace.  Each muscle wasn’t agonizing over the next step.  Sometimes we spend so much time with all the “little” things that we don’t benefit from the momentum of constant activity.
  3. Having the right people with you.  I was with encouraging friends who were doing the same thing.  We pushed each  other.  How about your work?  Who is “with” you and pushing you to achieve?
  4. Celebrating.  We took time (and pictures) at the top.  But we also celebrated along the way.  We joked and had fun with the Guards.  We made it fun!  What do you do to acknowledge and celebrate your climb?  You don’t have to wait for rewards, celebrate along the way to energize you to keep going.
  5. Following through.  The climb down was still ahead of us.  Notice that when you reach your goals, there is still work to do?  It might be paperwork, a follow-up action, making notes for the next time, etc.  Reaching the pinnacle isn’t usually the end.

Reaching the TopNow of course, I need to continue with my exercise.  And determine my next outcome or goal.  It will keep energized, engaged and successful!

What do you think?  Does this relate to business?


P.S. I acctually took this picture! Another goal for this year is to become a better photographer 🙂