desk_stretches (1)Each year I select a focus for the year. The focus for 2013 is stretching.

Stretching is extending something. And what am I going to extend or expand?

My skills, my reach, my content, and my willingness to do things I may fail at.

It’s scary as I think about all the new things coming my way, many of which push me out of my comfort zone.

• A book to be published very soon.
• New media activities– including shooting videos!
• Relationships I need to build.
• Learning and developing skill for better content and helpful resources.
• Investments that may not provide a return for some time.
• Technology I need to learn (some think embrace).
• Travel to new areas.
• Relationships I need to downsize or end.
• A son who will be heading to boot camp in a few months.
• Continued rehab after my shoulder surgery that may take up to six months.

Those are just the new things I know of as of today!

When I consider all these things, I get a bit anxious, even a little fearful.

And that is why to support my stretching focus, I also need to embrace the potential for failure. I am working on my mindset that failure is okay. . . as long as I am stretching toward something new, while learning and continuing to move forward.

I need to stretch and do things that I might fail at.

I need to stretch and face the pain in my head, my heart, and in my body (physical therapy is no picnic!).

And while this Type A personality doesn’t like failure (I don’t even like to think about it), I realize that by playing it safe, I will succeed to a degree, but that I will most likely miss a lot of rewards by not trying for more.

As readers, you may notice me trying new things in my communications with you – and then trying something different. Be assured that we will monitor and measure and make sure that we continue to stretch and work hard to provide the best tips, resources, and guides we can to help you make all your conversations count.
Yes, you may see me fail as well and I hope you will be kind :_

So I ask you, what do you need to stretch for this year? What are you willing to try . . . even if there is a chance you might fail?

Let me know what you are stretching in the comments here and let’s support each other as we stretch in 2013!